Chief Experience Officer

Karen Williams is the Founder & CEO of The Luxe Experience Group where she works with established businesses to help them increase their revenue and customer retention by getting it right the first time. Karen knows the customer is the heart of any business and to get them to be loyal to your brand you have to be loyal to them as well as meet and exceed their expectations not once but every time. Karen has worked with emerging and established businesses helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses allowing them the opportunity to resolve those issues and increase revenue and customer retention. Karen holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and Masters in Human Resources from Strayer University.


Client Account Manager

Danielle Felts is a Customer Care professional with more than 10 years of extensive multi – channel customer engagement. Danielle is highly skilled in working with clients in a variety of industries, including retail, financial services, gaming and entertainment, high technology, education and consulting. Customer service is the fundamental part of The Luxe Experience Group’s customer value proposition. Danielle has assisted with Implementing feedback loops that allow you and us to capture feedback to improve customer service and ensure that quality and service exceed customer expectations. Danielle strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships with every customer interaction. Danielle graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in Marketing.


Client Account Manager

Stacy Toliver is a Commercial Care professional with 15 years of experience in customer relationship development. Stacy’s extensive customer service experience makes her a vital part of our client management team. Maintaining successful client business relationships is a critical part of The Luxe Experience Group’s business culture and growth. Stacy has assisted with handling new client onboarding and program development. Stacy’s ability to deliver unparalleled customer service has resulted in her assisting our clients in retaining more for their customers and clients.

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.” ~ Shiv Singh