No matter what business you operate or what industry you are in you will deal with unhappy customers from time to time. It’s how you deal with that situation that will determine if that customer spends money with you again and what they say about your brand when it’s over.

I don’t want you to get the attitude that you don’t need them (customers) if they have to be nasty. True everyone should respect you and your business but some people don’t know how to deal with frustrating situations and if the customer support you come in contact with is nonchalant about your issue that then causes another problem.

So what I’m saying is make sure when you have to handle a customer that is upset about a product or service that you don’t add fuel to the fire by not taking them and their issue seriously.

So let’s jump into the 5 steps to handle unhappy customers, but first I have to introduce you to my friend Larry. He’s going to help us through these steps. Larry will help you deal with an unhappy customer just follow his advice and you’ll be fine.

Listen for the issue

Acknowledge the emotion & problem

Reassure you understand

Resolve the concern

You must follow up

When your customer reaches out to you it is for a reason… THEY NEED HELP!

Listen to the customer, allow them to get out what they have to say but still control the call/conversation. Know when to pull them back in and get them to the point.

Acknowledge them and how they feel [I understand you’re upset about the missing foundation and I apologize for the mix up] and be sincere about it.

Reassure them you understand the issue [to clarify you were missing #324 Caramel foundation, correct?]

Resolve their concern as quickly as possible and with their best interest in mind. [I will have a replacement sent overnight at no extra charge to you.]

You should always follow up [Hello Tiffany this is Karen with KD Beauty I see your package was delivered so I wanted to make sure you received it and it was what you expected.]

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