Hey… I hope you are having a very productive week.

Today I want to help you with some easy solutions to automate your business and make things flow better without you having to touch every step. Because running your business can be overwhelming at times and I don’t want you to sweat the small stuff so let’s jump right in and cover what I use.

  1. WordPress:
    I used this to build my website.
  2. Convertkit
    Email Marketing Software to handle everything email related.
  3. Acuity
    To schedule my appointments and take money for my events.
  4. Stripe
    Payment processor (it’s a replacement for Paypal)
  5. Google Forms
    For your surveys, poll questions or to collect email addresses
  6. Linktree:
    Use this to add all your links to the bio of your IG account. So you no longer have to switch them out every day.
  7. Canva:
    Use this for all your content creating such as presentations, social posts, worksheets.. pretty much anything.
  8. Planoly:
    The most amazing IG content planner #iloveit
  9. Freeconferencecall.com:
    Free Webinar platform to host your webinars, conference calls, and trainings.
  10. Gumroad:
    Use as a landing page to sell digital products
  11. Asana:
    Project Management software to work with your clients and develop your workflows.

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