Welcome to The Luxe Experience Group I’m Karen Williams the founder and Customer Experience Consultant. I am your trainer and speaker on everything customer service and customer experience to assist business owners in identifying and resolving ineffective processes to retain more customers and increase revenue. I provide exclusive training and private consulting tailored to your needs to grow your business and develop better customer relationships.

Do you want a hands-on approach to understanding your customer needs and wants?

Do you want to make sure you never miss a chance to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers?

At The Luxe Experience Group, I understand no two businesses will provide the same experience and your experience is unique to your brand and your customer. So that’s why I provide services that will help you gather the answers to the questions you really need and execute action plans to make your customer experiences better.

When operating a business you have numerous daily task to complete to make sure everything functions seamlessly. That’s why I tailor my services to take on the customer care development allowing you the time to focus on other important areas.

What’s On The Blog

Getting the answers to grow your business

Are you wondering “Why should I put some much time and focus on my past customers?” I hope you’re not but if you are let’s talk about it. We all know to get someone to buy something from us they have to like, know and trust us. Which is not the easiest task to...

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Automation rules the nation

Hey... I hope you are having a very productive week. Today I want to help you with some easy solutions to automate your business and make things flow better without you having to touch every step. Because running your business can be overwhelming at times and I don't...

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Giving your audience what they want

I have been working with my clients in my “Banking with Boot camps” boot camp. We’ve been working on identifying their ideal client, figuring out their client pain points and how they can fix their problems so they know how to sell them the solution. The key to the...

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